chicago red stars 2018 season
Graphic Design, Marketing, Visual Identity
2018 Visual Identity

Entering the 2018 season, the Red Stars began their tenth year of existence. All marketing material, including print and digital, contains the "X" (roman numeral 10) in some format. Foreshadowing the season's new primary jersey, all imagery is black and white with primarily red accents and additional light blue accents when a tertiary color is needed.

2018 Deliverables

Several deliverables from the 2018 season can be seen below:


The 2018 season tickets feature black & white player portraits, stylized with directional lighting.


Continuing with our dark themed branding, the 2018 season tickets and season ticket member gifts were sent out in a black mailer donning monotone graphic elements and labeled "MEMBER" in bright red.


In previous seasons the gameday program was a small booklet made specifically for each game. In efforts to save time and money, the 2018 gameday program was designed to remain the same throughout the entire season.

The program consists of all team rosters, previous season stats for every player on the Red Stars roster and the full season schedule.

Individual advertising spots within the program became more valuable with the extended lifetime of the program, allowing our partnership team more leverage when talking to potential sponsors.


The 2018 primary jersey is a product of player requests, wanting to go "all-black". The secondary jersey pays homage to the club's roots with white and light-blue stripes.

Moving into the 2018 season the club wanted to continue their representation of the city while also emphasizing their 10th year of existence with the red X. Promotional images were taken at the beach with a large red X painted in the sand and the city standing tall in the background.

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