chicago red stars 2017 season
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2017 Visual Identity

The visual identity of the 2017 Chicago Red Stars season is influenced heavily by the team re-brand using gritty, Chicago imagery and pushing the new tagline "My Kind of Town" as much as possible to make it stick!

2017 Deliverables

Several deliverables from the 2017 season can be seen below:


The 2017 season tickets commemorate the club's rebranding and focus on celebrating the city of Chicago by using photos of players in recognizable Chicago locations.

Several shots taken from the player photoshoots for 2017 season tickets


For those unaware, scarves are a traditional part of soccer culture. The MKOT (My Kind of Town) scarf was the season ticket holder gift for 2017; used to commemorate the rebrand and recognize the club's supporters with an exclusive, season ticket holders-only scarf.


The Chicago Red Stars Marketing Department really wanted to step our game up in 2017 with the re-branding of the team. We decided to join the ranks of many other professional sports team and send out our season tickets and season ticket holder gifts in style! Every season ticket holder received this box in the mail, containing their tickets, scarf, parking passes and any other season ticket holder essentials.


The Chicago Red Stars 2017 jersey release features images from a collaboration between the Red Stars and the Annex (creative agency).  Eleven Annex photographers and eleven Chicago Red Stars players worked together to unveil the newly rebranded Nike jersey.

Click the image to view more photos from the Red Stars / Annex collaboration -- Photo by: @thecraighensel

Video by: Annex


The 2017 yearbook features a full page spread for each player on the roster listing their top playing statistics from the season, updated biographies, a high quality action shot and their pre-season roster photo.

Additional player page imagery

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